Servo Shield

1. The servo power pins short on the USB connector

As with some other shields the Servo Shield 2's servo header pins touches the USB connector on some Arduino and compatible hosts. There are two ways to solve this, firstly use an additional set of headers between the shield and the host or, my preferred way, place a bit of electrical tape over the USB connector. Using the tape solves the problem for the Servo Shield 2 and many other shields.

2. How much current can the Servo Shield 2 carry?

Different online trace width calculators return slightly different results. According to the trace width calculator on it can carry up to approximately 2.25A (Track width is 36mil, 35um copper thickness, 2.25A requires 36.2 mil).

However real world testing has shown a peak of 7A with continues draw of approximately 4A (More than 10 minutes of continually moving of all 16 servos), with no noticeable temperature rise in the Servo Shield 2.

3. How to supply more current to the servos

The easiest way to allow for more current is to solder jumpers between the servo power and ground pins.